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RADO IMPEX LOGISTICS PVT LTD, is the CHA Division of RADO GROUP OF COMPANIES. The Company is one of the pre – eminent market leaders in the area of providing customs house clearing agency services, now called as “Customs Broker” by which nomenclature such service providers are known internationally.
The company has been handling all type of import and export cargo, such as ODC consignments and also special type of clearance under EXIM Benefit schemes, such as EPCG, Advance authorization, DIFA, ATA Carnet etc. and other Duty – Exempyion Certificate Issued For DEFENCE & ISRO imports. The customs clearance job is a turnkey responsibility , Involving co-ordination with various agencies.


Custom House & Central Excise

Chennai Port Trust

Chennai Port Trust

Steamer Agent Offices & Airlines

Port Fire - Safety & Rescue Authorities(DG Cargo)

Airport Authority of India

Drug Control Authorities

Chennai Container Terminal Ltd.

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